Terms and Conditions

Requesting one or more services from Mardisom Devs, you accept and agree to the terms and conditions posted at www.mardisom.com/terms-and-conditions. Discounts and promotions apply only for cash payments unless the publication explicitly announces it. We are not responsible for payments made in means not authorized by Mardisom Devs, the authorized means can be found on our website www.mardisom.devs when making a payment on it, through our authorized means: WhatsApp +507 6180 7709, Email info@mardisom.com, Email admin@mardisom.com, or by receipt or invoice duly letterheaded with the data of Mardisom Devs, which is sent in PDF format in the authorized media mentioned above. *Appointment(s): Virtual or face-to-face meeting(s).

  1. Appointment cancellations
    1. Once the space for the appointment is paid, you will have a maximum period of 24 hours from the moment the appointment is requested to request a cancellation with a refund.
    2. Appointment cancellations after 24 hours from the appointment request will not have a refund.
  2. Re-schedule appointments:
    1. You can reschedule the appointment Before 72 hours from the date of the appointment, without any surcharge.
    2. Re-scheduling the appointment within 24 hours of the appointment date will incur a surcharge of %50 of the value of the requested appointment
  3. There is no refund for dissatisfaction with advice and/or risk analysis.
  4. We are not responsible for damage to works to which people outside Mardisom Devs have access.
  5. Once the contract is finished, do not open any claim.
  6. We are not responsible for work and/or payments made without a signed contract, whether physical or digital.
  7. Web design and development
    1. Once a project has started, do not issue a full refund.
    2. The refund value will be the equivalent of the total contract for the days from the date the project starts until the date the project cancellation is confirmed.
    3. In case of cancellation of the project, Mardisom Devs will NOT assume the expenses of third parties (Hosting, Domain, licenses, subscriptions, etc.), which will not be included in the refund of the value of the contract.
    4. The terms, conditions and other details announced in the quote and in the signed contract will be considered
  1. Do not refund any payments Mardisom Devs makes to third parties
  2. We are not responsible for the mismanagement of the projects carried out.
  3. We are not responsible for maintaining backup copies after the end of the project and/or contract.
  4. Mardisom Devs is not responsible for changes, damages, updates or deactivation of third party services and/or products.
  5. Supplied data will be used solely by Mardisom Devs and will be shared with third parties for Mardisom Devs use purposes.